Skywerx products
Skywerx Swimmer's HarnessĀ® has been designed to give freedom of movement to rescue personel without compromising their safety requirements.

The wander lead has been designed for maximum freedom of movement while restraining the crew within the confines of the helicopter.

Skywerx is the brain child of Jo Chitty (former director of parachute rigging in Australia) and Nigel Brennan (pilot, parachute instructor & packer for over 30 years).

We were asked to design a new crew harness system by a major player in the helicopter rescue busines as they felt that there had to be a better harness that didn't hinder their crews while at work.

Skywerx Swimmer's HarnessĀ® has been tested by crash labs in Sydney to ATSO standards and are being fitted to helicopters under individual CAR 35 approvals while the ATSO paperwork is being completed by CASA.

The wander leads have been tested to, and passed, the full ATSO test requirements as laid down by CASA.